Expenses during Master studies

by Daniel Pollithy

This post is a summary of my expenses during two years of studying at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). I collected the data with Splitwise because I am sharing expenses with my girlfriend. It contains my regular meals at the university’s canteen, my share of the rent, regular visits at a coffee-store, personal gifts, travels and vacations. I am sure that some expenses are missing but the broad picture should be correct.

Accumulated expenses since the start of my master

I spent a total of € 20,965.40. This corresponds to € 873.55 per month. I assume that the missing expenses won’t increase this number to more than € 900. Just for the reference, a student could apply for a maximum BAföG of € 861 in 2020 if she or he is not living at parent’s house and has to pay insurances. Source

The COVID-19 pandemic does not become visible in the expenses although I could not go to the canteen in the last seven months and did order less at restaurants etc.

Expenses of two years grouped by categories

The total euros spent on each category can be read from the following chart:

Monthly spendings by categories